Main menu of DAEMON Tools Pro allows you to get access to the essential features of the application.

Image menu


Using Image submenu you can:

  • Add Images to the Images tab manually
  • Scan... your PC for images to add them automatically
  • Mount any image from the hard disk
  • Unmount the chosen and mounted virtual disc
  • Refresh the tab with images to mark the ones that were removed or renamed and can't be accessed from Images tab

Drive menu


Using Drive submenu you can add a new DT, SCSI, IDE or HDD device or remove all virtual drives from the system.

Tools menu


Using Tools submenu you can:

  • Grab a Disc... to create a virtual image from the real optical disc
  • Create a Data Image... from files
  • Create an Audio Image... from separate tracks
  • Convert an Image to change its format
  • Burn an Image... to the physical disc
  • Burn a Data Disc... using Image Editor
  • Burn an Audio Disc... using Image Editor
  • Copy a Disc... on-the-fly or using the temp image
  • Erase a Disc... quickly or fully
  • Write to USB-drive... if you need to write a raw image to USB drive
  • Read from USB-drive... to create a backup file
  • Restore USB-drive... to completely format the storage device
  • Add a VHD... — a virtual hard disk
  • Add a TrueCrypt file... — an encrypted VHD

Options menu


Using Options submenu you can:

  • Adjust the application settings in Preferences...
  • Activate or check your License
  • Check if there is a newer version available
  • Get access to DAEMON Tools Forum
  • Visit the Online Help
  • Send a message to our support team
  • View short info about the program

View menu


Using View submenu you can show or hide Toolbar, Status Bar or Media Info panel.